Sprint OTA for the HTC One M8 and the E8

Sprint update for the HTC One M8 and E8

Sprint has announced a twin update for the HTC One M8 and E8 devices. Both smartphones share most of theis specifications, so their performance is very much the same. The only difference we can found is the camera, as the E8 has a 13 MP sensor instead of the Ultrapixel one of the M8.

If we don’t count the camera, then we have two versions of the same device. The M8 is built all in metal while its partner, the E8, is completely made of plastic. The price’s difference between both device is therefore mainly related to the ending materials, and it’s much less related with their performance.

When we keep all this in mind, it’s pretty obvious that as they run almost the same software, the update must be almost the same for both devices (mainly if the update is not related with the camera).


The update brings some interesting features to these HTC devices, one of the most interesting ones being the international Wi-Fi calling. However, it’s not as interesting as you could initially think, as these dials are free between people living in the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. For the rest of the countries, you still have to use the current phone rates.

Sprint has detailed the list of improvements at his website:

Google Security Patch
GPS Enhancements
International Wi-Fi Calling
ItsOn Integration
Accessibility Improvements

This update brings the software to version 3.30.651.2 (M8) and 1.22.651.1 (E8). Notifications will reach gradually Sprint owners, so keep an eye on your phone these next days.

More information at Spint (M8, E8).

Source: AndroidPolice.