OTA update for the Sprint HTC One M7

HTC has announced and OTA update for the Sprint version of the One M7. There isn’t many details about the update, and the company only says that it brings Google security fixes. The new versions is now 5.05.651.2, and it will be rolling out gradually to the owners.

The update is about 350MB, so be sure to use a Wi-Fi connection before attempting the download, and check if your device has at least 35% of charge.

The company also provides a link for a 1.5 GB file to manually install the new version. If you prefer to use this method, keep in mind that it erases all the data of your device, so be sure to have a backup first.

Before starting the installation, you should have the HTC Sync Manager installed, in oder to obtain the proper drivers for you phone. Once you have it installed, you can download the ROM for the HTC One (Sprint version) to your PC and connect the device to it.


Now, just make sure that the device is correctly recognized by your PC and double-click on the download file to start the installation. You will see a wizard instructions on the PC, and they will guide you through all the updating process.

Once finished, your device should be ready for use. To check is the installation has been a success, just go to “All apps”, then to “Settings” and tap on “About”. There, you will find the software version, which should be updated to the new one (number 5.05.651.2).

You can find more details at the HTC website.

Source: AndroidPolice, HTC.