Update for the LG G Watch

The LG G Watch has received an update that brings offline music support among other things. The new version firmware is 4.4W.2, built number KNX01Q, and the two main features it introduces are the offline music playback and the GPS support.

Regarding the music enhancements, the G Watch has now a “Play Music” button as well as a Bluetooth selection menu. Through this menu, it’s possible to switch devices during music playback. It’s a good news, but we don’t have the possibility to transfer music between the devices. It means that, despite having a phone connected, we can not store music on the watch.

The GPS has also an important feature missing. The hardware can’t use GPS distance and speed tracking, so the possibilities that the sensor offers are quite limited.


Other Android Wear devices will follow soon, as Google will be releasing several updates before the end of the year. O so has the company announced.

With these few improvements, the fitness capability of the device will get interesting, as you will be able to listen to music while taking a run without taking the smartphone with you. And the GPS will track and save your route, syncing with the phone when you arrive at home.

If you hadn’t received the notification on your LG G Watch, you can manually check for the update. To do so, you just have to tap on the screen and go to Settings. Inside, you have to tap on the “About” options and then on “System updates”.

Source: Droid-life.