HTC One M7 update

T-Mobile announces an OTA update for the HTC One M7 to Lollipop

Some weeks ago, several versions of the HTC One M7 were updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Among the ones who received the OTA update were the Sprint version, the Developer Edition and the Unlocked model of the One M7 (2013).

Finally, T-Mobile has the new version ready for their own device, and it seems that the update will start rolling out tomorrow. The news comes just after the US carrier announced the update to Lollipop for the newest model of the HTC One, the M8.

The announce has arrived via tweeter thanks to Mo Versi, HTC’s vice president of product management.

One M7 TMobile

T-Mobile has released first the update for the 2014 model, the One M8, than for the older version, the M3. However, for the other models, the update has arrived at the M7 before than the M8, something quite surprising for many owners of the One M8.

So, keep an eye on the notifications to start the download or try to force the installation right now. If you don’t feel like waiting for the OTA update to automatically reach your device, check if the file is available going to “All apps” and tapping on “Settings”.

Once there, access to “System updates”, tap on “HTC software update”, and “Check now”. If the new version is available, just tap “Donwload” to start the process.

Be sure to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and check that the battery is mostly charged before starting the installation. After the update is completed, the phone will reboot.

Source: Mo Versi.

Via: AndroidPolice.