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OTA update for the Galaxy S4 Mini

OTA update for the Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has received an OTA update to Android 4.4.2. It is currently available for the devices from Verizon and Sprint, and both have appeared almost at the same time. The Mini’s version number is L520VPUBNE3.

With this update, the Galaxy S4 Mini will finally run Android KitKat, although with the new version we will also find some small details changed in the TouchWiz interface. The update also fixes some bugs and adjusts some apps.

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The new KitKat version updated also adds Verizon Cloud and Emergency Alerts, which are now available as pre-installed apps. It updaes Samsung’s KNOX encryptation system to 2.0 and fixes some bugs, including Wi-Fi instabilities, and correct some issues for the Backup Assitant Plus and for the Google Voice Search. The keyboard also includes more Emoji, so your messages will be more colorful than ever.

In addition, the notification bar icons have changed and there are new wireless printing options. The media controls on the lock screen are also different and a now there is a camera shortcut placed directly as default on the lock screen.

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To install the OTA update, we just need to access to the About Phone option that can be found on the Settings menu. If it’s already there, you can directly download and install it. However, you need to be patient, and it’s been released gradually. All Verizon and Sprint owners should receive it along the week.

You can find all the detail here from Verizon and Sprint.