Moto X from Sprint updates to Android 4.4.3

Moto X from Sprint updates to Android 4.4.3

Just a few days after Google released Android 4.4.4 for the Nexus series, Sprint has announced the actualization to 4.4.3. It’s a rather important update, with some improvements and bug fixes.

The new version brings a new dialer, with the new skin that displays some more colors than before. Now you will have different shades of blue and grey in addition to the white and black. This change makes the dialer theme much lighter and more pleasant to the view, and are aimed to improve the consistency and usability.

The camera has also received some improvements. Now we can obtain more realistic flash coloring and the consistency of exposure is also better. We will find a new option to pause videos, thanks to a new pause/resume button placed on the viewfinder. The ability to take pictures with the front camera has also been enhanced when working at low light conditions.


However, most of the changes can be found on a deeper level. 4.4.3 update includes several framework fixes and corrects some issues regarding stability and security.

The new software version is KXA21.12-L1.22, and as always, it will reach Sprint users gradually. Once you receive the notification about the new OTA release, you just need to download and install it to get all the improvements.

You can check your version in the About Phone menu, under the Settings option. There you will find you current software version and check if there is any update available. When the update reaches your phone, you will see here the corresponding notification to start the download.

Source: AndroidPolice.

Image from Droid-life.