Galaxy S4-2

Galaxy S4 update for Verizon owners

The owners of a Galaxy S4 from Verizon are going to receive an OTA update. Although it’s not a new version of Android, the update will fix some issues and will bring som connectivity improvements. It will also affect the messanging app, that should be more reliable, the Bluetooth connections will be stronger and the voicemail will arrive more consistently.

In additions, this update will bring the Knox 2.0 for enterprise, Kids Mode controls, and Softcard, which will replace ISIS Wallet. It also adds a couple of buttons to the Home Screen (“Apply” and “Cancel”).

The new software version is KOT49H.I545VRUFNG6. It will reach all users in a few days, as it’s rolling out slowly.

Galaxy S4-1

If you want to check if the new version is ready for you, just go into Settings and tap on the “About phone” menu. One there, tap on Software updates and Check for updates. If it’s available, you can just start downloading it.

You can check on the Verizon Wireless web page for a full detailed list of all the changes, improvements and bug fixes.

Source: Droid-life.