Galaxy Tab 3 - 2

AT&T OTA update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

AT&T has finally updated the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. This version of the device had not received an update since its initial release, back in September 2013. This update bring Android KitKat to the Galaxy Tab 3, together with all the Samsung usual modifications.

The new version is T217AUCUCNI1, and it updates the device to Android 4.4.2. With the new version you will see the features typical of Android KitKat, although you will have to look for them under the Samsung typical customization.

The OTA update will reach gradually its users, so you can expect to get the notification in a few days. However, if you don’t want to wait for the update to be ready, you can always check manually if it’s ready for your device.

Galaxy Tab 3 - 1

To check for the software update directly on your device, you just need to go to the Apps icon that you can find on the Home Screen. Once there, you have to access to the Settings menu and tab on the About device option.

Before starting the installation of the downloaded file, make sure that the device has enough battery and wait until it restarts. Once ready, you can check the new version number under the “About device” option from the Settings menu.

This is the first update that this family of devices has received so far, but you shouldn’t expect any other big update. Middle-end devices are not known for their software updates, so probalby they will never see Android L. However, any improvement is a good new, so you should just look for the update and give it a try!

Source: AndroidPolice, Samsung.