WhatsApp receives update support Android N

WhatsApp receives an update that introduces support for Android N

With the arrival of the first developer preview of Android N many applications available on the Play Store have received a new update to introduce support for this new major release of the green robot. One of these is obviously WhatsApp, which is being updated to version 2.12.510.

One of the many new features of Android N is the ability to be able to respond to messages directly from the pull-down notifications and of course WhatsApp is one of the first applications to support this feature. In this release the sharing of documents is now even better that they can now be picked up directly from your Google Drive. Each document will be automatically converted into PDF to be shared without any problems, at least until the WhatsApp team decides to enable sharing of other formats.

WhatsApp has always let users share their photos on other applications. Now, however, the list of supported apps has lengthened with the addition of three new names. It is Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. The option to use this app will appear in the bottom of the screen when selecting photos. With the new feature of WhatsApp there will be no need to use email to send documents. Now, in fact, the files can be shared just like the photos. The only limitation consists in their dimensions; the application only supports documents up to 100 MB.

The ability to zoom-in on the screen by pinching video may be the most interesting new from the update. Now there will be no need to stop or send back the video. If you do not understand a scene just enlarge the area of ​​the video that interests you. The function, in addition, can also be exploited during playback. The last update of the application allows you to choose the colors of the background from the settings menu. The choice can be carried out at the discretion of the colors in stock or from the app, that offers a picture of the library.

One of the main problems of WhatsApp was that it required too much space on some devices. Now, however, with the latest update the necessary size has been reduced by developers. In this way there will be more memory-storage in devices for other files.

No shortage general improvements to the performance of the app apart from that. The new beta version of the upcoming operating system from Google has definitely brought the news, although it is certainly not Marshmallow refractory and does not lack some of better managing notifications. The new version of WhatsApp Messenger is just to insert a new linked to the latter, as well as improving responsiveness in general.

It will be now possible to reply to messages straight from the notification bar without going to physically open the program. With Android N this possibility will become a standard for every application. Then in the future it should also be implemented a new system for document management with the ability to send files as well as many other common software available today.

WhatsApp receives an update that introduces support for Android N