Samsung releases Android 601 Marshmallow Galaxy Note 5

Samsung releases Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 5

Without any official announcement, apart from what we saw last week, Samsung has launched the release of the update to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in SM-N920C version. It is currently in the process of distribution in models for sale in Cambodia and comes with all the usual news of Marshmallow, thus Now on Tap, Doze, the management of permissions and so on, and also other news announced by Samsung in recent days.

The model number seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 update has been released outside Korea, so it may be appropriate to check for available updates if you live in Europe or America, for example; both via OTA or via Smart Switch; you never know, you could pop out the N920CXXU2BPB6 download version. In case your original smartphone was not cambodian, you can always download the entire firmware package from the internet (it weighs about 1.9 GB) and then install it via Odin, but in this case you must be careful.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is already on Samsung Galaxy S6 and we can see all the news

On the other hand, these days the Korean manufacturer is updating the Galaxy devices to the latest release of Android, starting from the top end S6 and Edge range models. In addition to the changes introduced directly from Google, this update also brings several enhancements to a series of applications developed by Samsung, from the stock browser now come to version 4.0.

It introduced an incognito mode, called Secret Mode, similar to that found in Chrome and in addition is improved using the player for fingerprints for access to personal data. Samsung Internet 4.0 is now fully compatible with virtual reality, being able to access directly from the Gear VR viewer to bookmarks and browser history. This was also optimized for slow networks, and now also supports push notifications.

The other novelty is the arrival of the Cross App, a system that allows you to use within other applications. With this feature you can, for example, to open a link or audio and video files, access the camera or the gallery, directly from within the Messages. Finally it is also introduced support for MIDI files and the ability to adjust the audio speed while playing a video.

Samsung releases Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 5