Pebble 2.5 Firmware update

Pebble is getting a new firmware update that brings a few new features to this well known smart watch. The new versions display emojis properly on the display, and not the combination of symbols as the previous version did.

Moreover, the new firmware also enables the compass features and wayfinding apps of the smart watch. The magnetometer is now open to developers, so using the SDK, there will be soon a series of apps ready to take full advantage of the new possibilities. Currently, we can use a few tricks, such as discover new points of interest nearby, calculate distances and knowing which direction to head.

Firmware 2.5 also introduces iOS 8 compatibility. Now it’s easier to manage the alerts, as when we clear an alert from the Pebble, it will also disappear from the iOS’ Notification Center. A similar update is planned for Android, so it’ll be possibly ready in a near future.

How to update the firmware

We need to open the Pebble’s app (iOS or Android) on our smartphone. Then, we have to move to Select Support, where we can find the option to update our smart watch if the process didn’t start automatically.


Another new feature that the update includes is the DOMO watchface, which was the favorite for a long time. It left the Pebble appstore some time ago, but now it has come back, and it has arrived with a new set of tricks.

Now we can use the bottons Up and Down to trigger varios animation, Shake the Pebble for DOMO’s face, watch as DOMO gets drowsy before falling sleep at nighttime and set our location for DOMO.

Finally, it also fixes some bugs present in the previous version.

More information at Blog GetPeeble.

Source: AndroidPolice.