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Nokia X won’t be updated to X 2.0

Nokia X won’t be updated to X 2.0

Nokia has presented its brand new OS, the X 2.0. It will come with the next generation of Nokia X, the Nokia X2. The update brings interesting features, like four tiles on the home screen instead of three and an added app list. This list contain all the apps and games installed sorted by alphabetical order, and we can scroll through the list or just search for the one we are looking for.

According to Nokia, placing the apps in the list helps to keep clear the home screen, which looks awfully a lot like a Windows Phone. The new version has also introduced a Home key to simplify navigation, as the previous version only had a Back key. The keyboard has also changed, promising a better performance and design.

The overall design of Nokia OS is really similar to a Windows Phone. It uses its own Nokia store for the apps and doesn’t include any Google services. It looks strategically released to attract people from the emergent markets and attract them to the Lumia family.

Nokia X2-2

However, the company has also announced that due to the hardware upgrades, the original Nokia X, XL and X+ will not be updated to X 2.0. It doesn’t mean that these devices are going to remain forgotten, as Nokia says that “more updates will be coming to further improve the experience of those devices in the coming months.”

It’s difficult to understand Nokia behavior with these phones. Although they are low-level smartphones, they had been on the market for just four months. It’s a rather short time even for a low-end device, to be discarded as too old to be upgraded.

You can find more information about the X 2.0 at Nokia Conversations.