Update Concept for Android Sony camera app

New update of “Concept for Android” for the Sony camera app

Sony has released in recent hours a new software update for registered device to the “Concept for Android program”, an exclusive program of the Japanese manufacturer that allows all participants to try all the new features or software which will then be released to the general public when they have reached the software stability.

The main novelty of the latest version MMB29M.Z1.3555 is the camera app, which comes to version 2.0.0 (only the application without the new APIs that will come in the future with the new v2 version). Sony has also specified that the intention is to improve more but not so much the camera software, widely tested. The usability of this function especially in manual mode, was a real weak point of the Sony Room.

The new camera app is part from top of the range Xperia Z5, as confirmed by the feedback of the first users who have tried it. Not any improvements have been specified in picture quality since the algorithms should be the same as previous versions. The above-mentioned application, then appears with a redesigned UI and improved in its functions and should be integrated in the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow at least for the device to be Z2 and on, including then Z3 and Z3+.

Nevertheless, there are new compared to other imaging sector with the improvements with regard to the statistics on the consumption of battery in the Wi-Fi network. Beyond that, the system update also improves the precedent UI for the camera, some improvement in the effectiveness of themes or some kind of improvement to multitasking.

The beta version for Sony Xperia Z3 seems almost stable version because it incredibly fast but leaving aside the fact of removal (expected to be temporary) of Stamina mode still consumes more battery and Wi-Fi than we would like, but for the rest no problem. As some reporters said, Sony will reinsert the ability to change the icons in the next beta version. But hopefully they will also add some functionality in the Home screen as the grid of applications and in the drawer reinserting some functionality that was lost with the Z5 interface.

New update of “Concept for Android” for the Sony camera app