Honor 7 updates Marshmallow changes

Honor 7 updates to Marshmallow with some interesting changes

Honor announced by a message on its Facebook page the official update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow available for Honor 7. The enhancements are all those developed by Google as the new system of control and permission management for applications, the mode Not Disturb that blocks notifications and sounds and the Doze that optimizes power consumption. All properly optimized by the brand developers that brought the interface to the latest EMUI 4.0.

According to the feedback of users who first installed the version, the only drawback concerns the management of RAM memory that after updating would be worsened. Overall the system remains fast and with good performance. Those who have not yet received notification of the availability of the update will not have to worry because the distribution will proceed in stages to avoid inconvenience to the servers.

But also for all those who in recent months have decided to give confidence to a smartphone such as the so-called Honor 7, and they do not want to wait, the manufacturer has the appropriate link to download made available to complete the update of the Android operating system for the popular device, to the point that these days the target in question is sharing their feelings after installation.

Taking a closer look at the comments that have emerged especially in Facebook dedicated to the smartphone, there is a tend to focus mainly on two points. The first is without a doubt positive especially for those who have not yet had the opportunity to install the Android 6.0 update for Honor 7, given that the stability and fluidity of the system do not appear to be challenged by the arrival on the scene of Marshmallow. Waiting for feedback on battery life, for which we will have to wait a few weeks, this is undoubtedly the best possible assumption.

You can verify the status by forcing the search, accessing the system updates item from the setup menu and selecting “start search” with active internet connection. Who does not want to wait can install this update manually. The only requirement is to have an Honor 7 completely stock.

Honor 7 updates to Marshmallow with some interesting changes