Android Wear Marshmallow late Huawei Watch

Android Wear with Marshmallow late for Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch was the first smartwatch ever (with Android Wear standard) to mount an internal speaker used as a speakerphone or notification sound. Huawei, however, decided to initially disable this component and then activate it with later versions of Android Wear. Now Android Wear with Marshmallow is coming late to Huawei Watch, and will be discussed next month.

Some users are now trying the new beta update to Android Wear based on Marshmallow. This update for the watch also activates the speaker and initially it seemed that everything was ready for an imminent launch, but there were problems. We have recently discovered that the release of this update for Huawei Watch should take place during the month of March. It is a story not certain but official, as it has been reported by Huawei UK through a user’s response tweet requesting information about the update Wear 1.4 for its smartwatch.

Huawei UK, in fact, in response to a user who specifically requested information on Android Wear 1.4, it reported how the update was actually a bit late, but that next month we will all have more information about it. The ultimate goal of Huawei is to ensure the best possible user experience, this within a very short time, they said.

While both generations of Moto 360 have already received the news of Android 6.0.1, many others are still waiting to update to smartwatch Marshmallow: if for some reason you expect an imminent release on your watches, for others you may have to wait more than a month; this is the case of Huawei Watch. Via Twitter, the British division of Huawei responded to an user asking about the update release: response indicates a release by the end of next month.

Although the information is coming from an official channel, still it has to be taken with the tongs and would not be the first time that a technical department denies the customer service of the same company. The thing is quite strange, because Huawei Watch was the only smartwatch which was released with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware in beta version, so one would expect that the developers of the Chinese colossus will work more intensively than other manufacturers.

Android Wear with Marshmallow late for Huawei Watch