Galaxy Note 4 update

Galaxy Note 4 gets a Lollipop update in Poland

Samsung has started to update his flagship device, the Galaxy Note 4, to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. Before releasing the update global, they have chosen a smaller market to test it. The lucky country is Poland, where the update has already started to roll out.

The new version brings all the typical features of Lollipop, although many of them are covered by TouchWiz. However, on Lollipop, TouchWiz looks much better than on KitKat. You will get the lockscreen notifications, and improved battery life a an overall faster performance.

If you are the Poland owner of a Galaxy Note 4, keep an eye on the notifications, as the update can reach your phone at any time now.

Galaxy Note 4_Lollipop

However, the update is rolling out gradually, so it might take some time to get your device. If you want to speed up a little the process, you try to download the file manually. To do so, go to “Settings” and tap on “About phone”. Once there, search for “Software updates menu” and try to “Check now”. You may be lucky and find the file waiting for you.

If this update has reached Europe, even though they have chosen a small market, the global release is probably not far. Samsung is trying hard this time to keep their flagship devices updated (some versions of the Galaxy S5 has already been updated), so probably the general update to Lollipop won’t take much longer.

You can find more information at SamMobile.

Via: Droid-life.